Why the Sudden Popularity of Online Importation?

why popularity in online importations

1. Product Authenticity Problem Fixed

One major drawback of doing importation of products online was the fear of getting counterfeit products. Taking China as a case study; China although, one of the countries with the highest amount of manufacturing industries has also made a name of being one of the countries producing the highest number of counterfeit products. This issue has led many people to doubt products being imported from that part of the world. Unarguably so because, many had fallen victim to this scheme hence, posing a problem to importers even though these products are way cheaper here they would either have to forfeit them, travel to source for these products personally which is not cost-effective, or stand to lose customers.

However, recently various means have been devised to verify these products’ authenticity without so much hassle even from the comfort of your home. These solutions have improved tremendously online importation attributes thereby drawing back the attention of all those who had initially given up on the business also, prospective buyers of these products have improved due to these verifications and seeing as they are cheaper than normal market price. “I mean with this economy who doesn’t want to save some extra cash right?”

2. Out vent of Interntional Logisitics

Prior to recent times, international logistics providing companies were scarce, almost monopolized making this another major drawback of importation. Hence, there was inflation in international shipment of products especially small ones therefore, people opted for larger quantities by sea which could sometimes take months. Recently, however, there are arrays of international logistics providing agencies that now makes mini-importation more cost-effective and possible even in short amount of time by air. People can now meet up with their orders and get their products in time to reinvest their finances instead of it being tied down for months at sea.

3. Business Lucrativeness

The lucrativeness of importing products personally from original warehouses or first stop wholesale shops cannot be overemphasized. This is not a new knowledge. However, due to the aforementioned drawbacks associated with online importation, this attribute could not be exercised to its full potential. After solutions have been provided for these two major problems, the lucrative benefits of importing online were better brought to the limelight which has further improved the interest of young entrepreneurs to venture into this business.

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