Peace Online Importation Hub

Hello World!

Welcome to Peace Online Importation Hub

I am Peace Usiemwanta a 26year old health worker, importation expert, and baker. I live in Edo state, Nigeria in the Western part of Africa and I am glad to have you in this space. I enjoy helping others, a pivotal reason for all my aforementioned areas of engagement. Hence, I participate in community development and voluntary health work, bake cakes and all sorts of pastries, and train people on how to import independently from different places globally. I enjoy reading, music, movies, and spending time with my family. I dream of attaining financial freedom and stability while working on my terms and I also wish to help others attain this feat. I would be introducing you to myself, our brand, and a little of our startup history.

How It Started

My interest in importation goes way back to my childhood days from living with my aunty who was involved in the said business at the time. However, I could tell how time-consuming, financially stressful, and physically and mentally exhausting it was for her. This dampened my interest a bit, making me opt for other options, but it never completely disappeared. Fast forward, I was introduced by my brother to a friend dealing in online importation in 2021 and I must say my interest flared up again stronger as all doubts and drawbacks I had initially found with the business were completely treated and importation became hassle-free. I got the necessary training on general importation tips, importing majorly from China and got certified.


The Idea

After consecutive practice, I started my importation independently with guidance from my tutor; a loving and understanding personality I must add, and I began the popular pre-order business where clients pay beforehand for a product to be later procured and delivered to them at a cheaper than current market rate. This was where Peace Importation Hub was born the initial plan. However, having friends who had already been in the business of buying and selling products show interest in my skill bred-fort the idea of turning my hub from being just a procurement and importation agency into an online training media as well where I could help other people achieve their own importation goals and dreams however, I was still just starting up hence, needed more experience importing.

A Brand is Born

A few months later in 2022 after the idea and continuous practice, I enrolled some students in my online class, put them through the training, and guided them through their first importation. This was a total success and it brought me so much gratification because as I earlier said, I do enjoy helping others. This success prompts me to further my knowledge of importation from other countries to better myself and provide more content for a larger crowd and my students. I ran another advert for an online class adding more content this time and the turn up was better and improved. This class was also successful and since that time Peace Online Importation Hub has touched lots of lives. We do hope to continue touching lives and hope that no one will have to be discouraged or give up on their dreams anymore.

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